We Turn Hidden Data Into Marketing Playbooks

Run your marketing programs with confidence. Clicks, conversion rates, impressions, and share of voice don’t matter outside the marketing department. You don’t need us to tell you, every marketer has experienced the pain. You stayed late making design and content revisions. You set up your A/B testing. You ran the test and have statistical significance. You share this improvement in top-of-funnel results and are immediately asked questions or challenged about what revenue outcomes you will commit to.

Most marketers haven’t been equipped with the tooling, training, or perspective to translate executional and tactical work for other departments.

It is more than not using the correct words. It is more than a lack of persuasiveness. It is about making reliable forecasts. Just like the sales department must do. When sales can’t make or meet the commitments they have made they lose their job. Why should marketing be any different?

No = Yes

Making commitments with conviction

This is where the hidden data in your existing tech stack can make a huge difference in your commitments to the rest of the company on how much revenue you can actually influence.

The goal is to back up your commitment to sales with predictable results based on data patterns. Transition from the idea that “best practices” like A/B testing will increase conversion rates or will stuff the top of the funnel. Uncovering and connecting the data will allow you, as a marketer, to fully understand the implications of your messaging and programs.

Hidden data

Data is hidden in three ways: it isn’t connected to other systems, it isn’t being recorded, or you don’t know where to look. One example of where to look for that data lies in our post, a mini-how-to on effective marketing planning. For data that isn’t connected to other systems, partner with your Sales Operations team to use the CRM as the source of truth. Have fields added that connect to leads and transition over to contacts and accounts on transformation. Finally, the data that is not being recorded. One example would be missing timestamps on every touch the company has with a prospect. 

We have taken hidden, unrecorded, or disconnected data and created accurate predictions on the existing pipeline and planned, budgeted, marketing programs that have yet to launch. In every case, we have seen marketing teams pivot current and future plans.

Playbooks that work

At each company, we have measured the effectiveness of the existing plans, messaging, and programs. In each case 50%-65% of the existing efforts were on point, but the teams didn’t know when those efforts would produce reliable results.

The analysis helped us to develop new programs and to reallocate budget to higher performing efforts where we could determine the likely date of pipeline impact. In one, in-depth case study, we saw A 320% Increase in Marketing-Led Revenue.

We see many companies hesitate because their data isn’t “perfect”. Or the perceived effort to uncover data and find meaning is large and no one has the bandwidth. Instead of throwing more people and time at these problems, consider enlisting the help of companies that can provide fast value and a new way to win in marketing. Doing so will turn what looks like a daunting “NO” into the hidden and winning “YES”.

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