Formula Fields


Formulas allow you and fellow members of the team to make a multitude of custom calculations and outputs based off of the numerical data inputted in a campaign or program card.

Creating Numerical Variables

By default, Campaign and Program cards are created with a numerical variable for the program’s budget. In order to include further numerical data such as fees or inspection cost, new variables must be created. To create a new variable:

    1. Select the desired Campaign or Program card
    2. Add a new field
    3. Name the variable, input the numerical data, and select the Number option
    4. You have created a new variable
Creating a Formula

Once all desired variables have been made, you can add make a formula

  1. Open the Campaign or Program card you wish to add a formula to.
  2. Add a new field

          3. From the field type dropdown, select Formula

        4. Select the desired type for the numerical output (Number, Currency, Percentage)

Formula Operators

In Growegy, formulas use the math.js library for math operations and functions. Using this library, we can make a diverse set of functions.


  • Sum () or Plus sign: (+), for addition. Examples –>  Sum (A,B) or A+B
  • Minus sign: (-) , for subtraction. Example –> A-B
  • Asterisk: (*) , for multiplication. Example –> A*B
  • Forward slash: (/) , for division. Example –> A/B
  • Caret: (^) , for exponents. Example –> A^2
  • ROUND(number, num_digits). Example –> ROUND(A,2)
  • SQRT(number). Example –> SQRT(A)
  • LOG(number, 10). Example –> LOG(A,10)

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Formula Examples

You can utilize advanced formulas that allow you to perform tasks such as calculating ROI, getting cost per lead, comparing performance, and more! We put together some examples for your convenience. 

ROI (Return on Investment)

Cost per lead

Click rate

Actual vs Projected Leads

Conversion Rate (rounded to 2 decimal places)

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